The Development and Aid World News Service is a media platform for people interested in global news. Our flagship product is DAWNS Digest, a curated subscription-based daily news service that delivers an easy-to-read snapshot of the day’s top development, aid and world news stories.

We founded DAWNS Digest on the hunch that a community of global news consumers could be nurtured, inspired and empowered to support compelling global humanitarian journalism.

We are over six years into our experiment and we think we are onto something.

DAWNS supports global storytelling and journalism for the humanitarian community. We fund a micro-grant program to support reporting and story telling on global humanitarian issues.

The projects we support are of value to our community; you are supporting these endeavors through your subscription.

Our support for these projects may range from simple travel grants to book advances for e-books and anything in between. Projects DAWNS might support include: funding a multi-media journalist to report from a location that is typically off the radar; supplementing a photographer’s purchase of expensive equipment required for working in resource poor environments; and providing grants to local citizen journalists for reporting projects.